Thursday, October 20, 2005

Ripples in the stream

There's an interesting pattern of ripples up ahead - i wonder what they mean? What's that below the surface? I can't see too well these hours....maybe I'll take a closer lo

Young Mayflies These Hours....

I don't know - young mayflies these hours, they just don't have any respect for their elders!
Buzzing around, pushing the decent mayflies out of the way, or just hanging around in groups looking intimidating, and if you try and speak to them, they just laugh at you.... it's not what it used to be in the good old hours - if you ask me, the whole stream is just going downhill....

She Dumped Me!

*sniff* Y'know how it is, she said she wanted to see the lake, there were plenty more mayflies hovering over the stream, and neither of us were getting any younger, this may be her last chance, she didn't want to be tied down into a serious relationship, and all that - huh, women, man, they get what they want and then they break your heart....

...can anyone teach me how to play country songs?

Woah! We hit it off! that was, like, amaaaaaazing..... does anyone have a cigarette? Ah - i forgot, my mouth is useless.... bugger.....

I'm in love!

Wow, met this amazing lady mayfly - she's so hot! Check her out -

What a babe!

I'd try and talk to her, but

a) I don't have the guts (they're filled with air)
b) My mouth parts are useless



Woah.... that was intense